6 Ways to Motivate Employees

No business can be managed without good workers and an employer can’t handle all the business matters alone. But what can we do when the staff has lost the energy or interest to work and yawning in their work stations? At this moment, you’d be scratching your head and searching ways to motivate employees. You can do two things at the first place like you can either act bossy and shout at them or, you can use another approach to remove this dull and NO-I-DON’T-WANT-TO-WORK-FOR-SOMETIME attitude.

So let’s discuss some ways to motivate employees and reenergize your workforce so that your business never stops making progress and achieving new heights of success.

Ask For Their Opinion:

The first thing that you can do to make your employees work better is that when something comes up that needs to think before taking any decision, just call in all your staff members and ask them to give their opinion to handle that thing. In this way they’d feel part of the company and respected to be asked about their worthy opinion (even if it’s not what you were looking for) but you’d get your hardworking employee back who’s willing to work an hour extra. After hearing to each and every person, don’t say ‘I think John’s right!’ instead ask them to raise their hands in support of their favorite suggestion. In that way, you’d eliminate the danger of favoritism that anyone may think of if you do that.

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Do Something Unusual:

At times, everyone hates the job he’s doing for some time period. Nope! It’s not like they don’t want to do this work or that thing is not worth doing but just the problem of continuity that irritates some people out there. Those dull walls and ceiling fans scares off that we may run away from the office for good. What you can do is just make your workers stand up from their seats and do something unusual that would remove all the boredom and dullness towards work. Like you can arrange different competition among them so that they take part physically and refresh their mind. Allow them to work by standing at their work station if someone feels tired by sitting. The key to motivation is that they keep working (in working hours) and stay energized and motivated.

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Lead As a Leader Not As a Boss:

When we have authority of doing something, we may ignore common things that hurt people around us. At work you do are a superior but you have to play your cards very carefully with your staff members. Don’t create such image that people avoid stepping into your office and discuss any issue and instead, curse you and the day they joined your company. If something comes up, participate in it by yourself and do it first then ask anybody to do that. In this way, you’d convey a message that you are not a dictator but a leader who knows how to do something and not just order without measuring the depth of the matter.

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Make Groups For Better Results:

It is a common observation that staff members show poor performance sometimes even if they achieved the target last month or year. What you can do to reenergize their work interest and motivate them to work hard again, is that divide all the staff members in small groups and assign them different tasks of the same project. Give them score for good and bad performances and announce a prize, a movie ticket or an increment in their salary.

Make Groups

Arrange Meetings Weekly To Analyze Performance:

Another thing you can do to fix this LACK-OF-MOTIVATION problem is to arrange short meetings and call in all the members with their weekly report. Ask them to tell their weekly progress and let them speak about it. In this way, you’d do two things like you’d be encouraging them for what they did in the past week and setting a goal for others in an indirect way.

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Redesign Workplace Time To Time:

Our society is changing day by day so does the methods we work. One thing that impacts on the work speed is the place where we come every day and do the same thing again and again for different clients. Don’t keep the walls empty and paint them with eye-catching color (that doesn’t hurt the eye!) and fill the prominent parts of the wall with motivational quotations for work so that every time a worker raise the head to watch the clock for closing time, the quotation attract him to do back the work sincerely.

Do share your opinions to motivate the employees and your experiences with your employee (or employer) through the comment section below.

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