Top 5 Time Management Techniques

Time is like sand that slips from our hands despite of our efforts to hold it tightly and preserve it in it. A lot of people go hard on themselves for wasting their time on chitchat or in a stupid movie that consumed the time decided to do something important. No matter if you’re jobless or an office worker, a student or a teacher everyone needs that skill for managing time and do things on the time decided to do them. It’s quite normal to be a procrastinator but if you really want to take a stand and do something to fix this annoying thing then you need to make your mind before you apply any of the time management techniques written below

Top 5 Time Management Techniques

Technique #1: Prioritize Your Plans

The first thing you can do to successfully manage your time and do everything on time is that you start prioritizing things you are about to do or planning to do in future and then don’t do anything until it is necessary or it’s emergency. Like if you are a writer and there are few books lying on your desk in shape of drafts, then make a commitment with yourself that you’re going to finish them till next week, month or year. Or let say if you are a contractor and building something then stick with a deadline for completing that project. The same thing goes for all the students for managing their time and to behave in an organized manner.

Technique # 2: Meet Important People Only

Now, the problem is that we waste a lot of our precious time in meeting people that are not going to help in our important things. But sometimes, meeting people is a job requirement for those who are in practical life. And unfortunately, they complain the same thing and ask this very question that ‘how to manage time effectively’ every time they fail to complete a project or a report on time. You just need to decide who is more important in some respect to be meet and for how long this meeting would last so that you could coup with your work and start things easily where you stopped them.

Technique # 3: Don’t Check Social Profiles From Work Station

This is the era of internet and everyone has the internet access from anywhere that sometimes comes between the social life and work accomplishment. If you want to use your time effectively and do everything as you planned to do it, then do one thing first and that is to develop a habit for not checking your social accounts, at least, from the work station. It doesn’t mean that you cut yourself off from the social world you are in but just to minimize it to that extent that it does not mess up with your work and things that are more important than this.

Technique # 4: Make Use of To-Do Lists

The one thing that always works but a bit hard for everyone to do it consistently is to make use of To-Do lists. Believe me, it works every time and by doing that, you won’t be forgetting anything or at least the one that you’ve written on your diary or somewhere else. Maintain the To-Do list either on daily or weekly basis and write everything down to remain organized in your hassled life. Classify the sections on that page and write everything clearly in a way that you could easily recall by seeing at it in a glimpse.

Technique # 5: Use Apps for Petty Things to Save Time

Everyone has a phone, more specifically a Smartphone, but majority of people use it to check Facebook or tweeting purposes only. Not many people use it in a way that it could be a tool to cut the time short that many petty things take in routine life. Like you can easily know the currency rate or weather temperature through your Smartphone instead of tuning into the news channel or turning over the newspaper’s pages again and again. There are too many apps that are very productive and help people in managing their work by shortening the time to do little things in it.

If you try with some dedication, then you can easily develop a habit for doing things on time so just try one more time and do it.

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