Saturday 17 February 2018
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Top 5 Inspirational Movies for Motivation

We feel depressed and not like doing anything at some moments but we have to push ourselves because of the commitment we took with our own selves for our dreams or for goals and that’s a bit tricky thing to come out. But life is the name of keep moving on and to avoid any unpleasant thing around us. If you have any goal and afraid of the failure while or after doing that then you should know one thing that anything big and rewarding cannot be achieved without giving it a try. Just take the risk and get what you want. Below are some best inspirational movies from the piles of those movies that could make you smile and compel to say I-can-do-it-at-any-cost-no-matter-what and motivate you to work back on your dream, wish or whatever you’ve planned to achieve.

Inspirational Movies For Motivation

Coach Carter:

Coach Carter is one of the best movies for those who are seeking discipline and how to be organized in their behavior to manage different things altogether. The cast has Samuel L. Jackson, Bob Brown, Robert Richard and Rick Gonzalez. The movie was released back in 2005 and IMDb gave it 7.5 stars ratings for best drama composition and meaningful story. The whole story revolves around Ken Carter (Samuel L. Jackson) and his team who is struggling to win a match in the first half and then to improve their grades in the second half of the film. Watch the movie to see how Coach Carter tackled with all the challenges in this movie.

Peaceful Warrior:

Peaceful Warrior is the adaptation from the autobiography The Way of the Peaceful Warrior of Dan Millman the former Olympic champion USA. It is a worth watching movie for all those looking for a miracle to happen with them as Dan, the movie character, was hoping after meeting this guy named Socrates due to his questioning habit and how he found his way to control the brain and heart and became an Olympic champion with a fractured leg. The star cast comprises of Scott Mechlowicz, Nick Nolte, Amy Smart and Ashton Holmes. This was released back in 2006 and IMDb gave it 7.3 stars ratings.

Bend It Like Beckham:

Now this is something fun and enjoying movie. Watch some Indian melodrama with a nice story of revolt only to live the dream of your life. The story revolves around Jesmindar Kaur Bhamra (Jess) who wants to become a soccer player but her father does not allow her due his cultural values. But she goes against his will and trains and then takes part in coming competition. The star cast comprises of Parmindar Nagra, Keira Knightley, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Anupam Kher with an overall IMDb ratings of 6.7.

Cinderella Man:

There comes time when nobody think that we can do something and even we also think this way but life has something else to show us. The same thing happens to James J. Braddock a former boxer who’d been living an impoverished life during the great depression in 1930. But he changes his mind and enters back into the arena when nobody believes that he can win a match at such age and with this stamina. But he proves everybody wrong just to give his family a better future and a square meal. The main character was played by Russell Crowe and Renee Zellweger, Paul, Giamatti, Craig Bierko and Paddy Considine played supporting roles in this movie. This movie is rated 8.0 stars by IMDb and was released back in 2005.


This is another inspiring and motivating movie for all those who have ambition to reach somewhere but are confronted by some problems that are proving a hurdle between them and their dreams. Rudy, the main character, is a guy grown up in a society where no one has any interest of joining sports but he rebels against them all and urges to become a football player. The second thing is that he’s short and not having good grades to be selected but still wants to make room in town’s football team. The star cast comprises of Sean Astin, Jon Favreau, Ned Beatty and Great Lind with several other veterans and IMDb has given this movie around 7.5 star ratings.

Tell us through comment about your favorite movie that inspires and motivates you every time you feel low or not motivated to work for your dream.

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