Top 10 Female Fitness Models 2014

It is proven that women are not less than anybody and they’ve proved it many times by taking part in, almost, every field and securing the first ranks in there. The same thing has happened in the gyms (That’s true!) as so many females are rushing towards the nearest gym to do some workout and lose down few Kg’s of their body weight. To look good, is a desire of every woman that makes her the complete woman as there would be no single lady who’d say that “No! I don’t want to look good.” So few of them worked hard, in the gym, and got the physique that everyone admired, especially boys, due to their curvy biceps and perfect shape of thighs.

Top 10 Female Fitness Models 2014


Below is the list of those women that were passionate about workouts and ruled different fashion/health magazine’s cover photos for many times. Keep reading to know about the top 10 female fitness models.

Kelly Gonzalez:

Kelly Gonzalez


Having a passion for health and fitness, Kelly is our female fitness #10 who started her career at a very young age by becoming the life health coach and writing tons of useful articles on health and fitness. She holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in writing seminars from the Johns Hopkins University and, furthermore, she earned a Master of Science degree in Health Promotion and Exercise Science from University of California. Working with many organizations and magazines, focusing on Health and Fitness, she’s developed a good portfolio to be listed in this list of top 10 female fitness models.

Laura Harris:

Laura Harris


The perfect role model, for all healthy chicks, is here in shape of Laura Harris. Harris is one of the most beautiful fitness model trainers who beats her age with her curvy body shapes and looks 29 when she’s 40+. Amazed! Aren’t you? This beautiful diva is not a real fitness trainer in fact and runs a blog by the name ‘Chicken Tuna’ where she posts her latest photos and articles to share about the techniques to encourage other chicks for getting back into shape. By profession, this amazing diva is a real estate broker and works on her blog, plus her perfect body, in her spare time to share the words right from her heart.

Jennifer Nicole Lee:
Jennifer Nicole Lee


One of the most active and energetic fitness models, Jennifer Nicole Lee, is here to grab your attentions with her flaunty body and perfect physique. Born as Jennifer Nicole Siciliano, Jenny started her career back in 1996 only 21 but her age couldn’t stop her to get the fame and admiration whole world gave to her. She’s won Miss Bikini America Pageant 2004 and Miss Muscle and Fitness pageant of 2006 so far where she was known as The Tigress among her admirers. She’s modeled for all the major modeling agencies like FHM, Maxim and Body Fitness International.

Dana Hamm:

Dana Hamm

One of the most beautiful fitness models, Dana has a long career that is expanded over diverse professions that put her in a position where we can call her ‘The All-Rounder Female Diva’. She’s a fitness trainer, she worked in movies and even she modeled for different magazines. Now that’s what we say a complete package that could be applicable in many places. Dana has also won The 25 Most Beautiful Women in the World award recently. She’s stunning and got very beautiful eyes with unconventional body structure that steals the heart of million.

Mary Castro:

Mary Castro


Acting, singing or working out, this girl has got everything covered under her belt. This dynamic diva is one of those fitness trainers who have more than one passion in their lives. She’s a trainer and a model as well where she astonishes everyone with her elegant moves. Apart from her training sessions and modeling career, Mary has also hosted different shows as an anchor successfully where she was praised for her anchoring skills as well. Thus having the perfect height and sexy figure, Mary Castro is on #5 on this list of top 10 female fitness models.

Cori Nadine:

Cori Nadine


Born in 1969, Cori started her career as a TV personality but then appeared as a fitness model and became famous instantly due to her beautiful face and perfect physique. She has worked for magazines and featured in cover photos of many big organizations in which Playboy magazine is one of them. She’s one of those ladies that demonstrated the ability of women to come at any level of any profession and encouraged many fellow women to step up and do what they love to do.

Ashley Lawrence:

Ashley Lawrence


The gal that is #4 on this list is none other than Ashley Lawrence that has captured millions heart through her stunning body and the way she appears in magazine’s cover (Most of the hearts stolen on FB BTW!). This dynamic diva has created a huge hype on social media through her extraordinary beautiful legs and elegantly widespread chest. She’s one of those successful female models that gained much fame in such short period of time.

Dianna Dahlgren:


Dianna, the silk beauty is one of those fitness m

odels that are actively participate in local exercise sessions to give training to a group of people. Apart from her modeling career, she urges people to accept her as a fitness instructor and maybe this is the reason that she organizes different small training sessions near her place. She’s an avid swimmer and rides motorcycle to keep her body in tone.

Carmen Garcia:

Carmen Garcia


The #2 top female fitness diva, present in this list, is one of the leading entrepreneurs that promotes her own sportswear and acts as a spokeswoman for it in different events and places. Carmen Garcia has modeled for many magazine agencies in which FHM, Low Rider, Oxygen and American Curves are notable names.

Kiana Tom:

Kiana Tom


Here comes the most famous TV personality and the successful female fitness trainer who is quite famous for her curvy physique and beautiful abs. This lady was born in 1965 and, after completing her education, hosted one of the most famous shows on ESPN channel on health and fitness by the name Kiana’s Flex Appeal that was praised by the masses after the few months the show on-aired.

Apart from her show, she also instructs people, especially women, about different aspects of exercise and how they could keep their health good for a long time period. She’s can be a great role model for other female fitness trainers as she keeps entrepreneurial qualities in her personality that helped her to nourish her passion well.

Do comment to share your feelings about these divas and if you’d like to recommend a name to add in this list through the comment box.

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