4 Time Management Techniques to Get Things Done

There has too much work done on time management techniques but still most of us get stuck in between work assigned to us and wish for a tooth fairy to come and help us with her magic wand. There aren’t any tooth fairies to help you in that presentation or when you are having a pile of files on your desk.

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But, there are some useful time management techniques that can help you in doing that. So let’s just discuss some of the useful and proven time management techniques to gear up your work pace and get it done before the deadline arrives.

Technique # 1: ABC Analysis

ABC Analysis Time Management

When you get stuck in making decision that what work should be done first and what later on, you can get some help by applying ABC analysis method that has an easy to implement system to classify things in 3 categories according to their importance and urgency. Like we first count all the task assigned in a specific period and then put them in three categories i.e. A, B and C category where A identifies those items that are of high importance and urgent to be done at that very day, B indicates to those items which are either of less importance or urgency but they need to be done soon. The last category which is C indicates those tasks which are neither important nor urgent to be done on first priorities.

Technique # 2: The Eisenhower Method

Eisenhower Method

This very method comes from Dwight D. Eisenhower (former U.S president) who used to take decisions in this manner. The method is simple as we draw 4 boxes and then divide each of them with ‘Important, Unimportant’ (vertically) and ‘Urgent, Not Urgent’ (horizontal) labels (In of a matrix shape). Then just think of tasks you are ought to get done that day. This works like this, we first see which tasks are in Important/Urgent line and put them in our first priorities and in the same way, those tasks which are in Important/Not Urgent line are on our second priorities. The tasks which are in Urgent/Unimportant line come in the last and those tasks that we wrote in Unimportant/Not Urgent line are simply going to be ignored for that day.

Technique # 3: Pareto Analysis

Pareto Chart

Again, Pareto Analysis is another useful technique for time management and is quite similar to the ABC Analysis (as we discussed above) but the only difference is that we give points to the tasks of high priorities and grade them according to their importance to be done at the very same day. Just make a list of all the tasks and then state a reason next to each task. On the basis of the reasoning you’ve stated in front of tasks, give higher points to those which are very important and urgent to be done and decrease your points for every next task of less importance or urgency for the same day. Once the list has been completed start working on it to get your tasks done according to it.

Technique # 4: POSEC Method

POSEC Method


This method let you analyze what you need to do in the first place and what things you can ignore to do them later. Basically, POSEC is a contraction for (Prioritize, Organize, Streamline, Economize, Contribute) and forms a shape of pyramid in which priorities are on top of it. This method mildly relates to Maslow’s theories published during 1934 that talk about human psychology and motivation to do something.

Do comment below to let us know about your techniques to manage your time and work efficiently and to improve your performance during work and let others get some benefit too.

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