Thursday 22 February 2018
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Rishi Kapoor Thrashes ‘Chamchas’ Who Missed Vinod Khanna’s Funeral And Attended PC’s Bash

Yesterday, Vinod Khanna lost his life to cancer and everything came to a standstill, primarily Bollywood. While the void he left is irreparable, friends, colleagues and admirers took to Twitter to pay their last respect.

However, there were also people like Amitabh Bachchan who reportedly left an interview mid-way to be the grieving family. He was joined by many industry veterans but especially Rishi Kapoor, who came back home more anguished than he had expected.

Rishi Kapoor realised that nobody from the present generation of actors, who have worked with Vinod Khanna came down for his last rites. A furious and emotional ‘Akbar’ lashed out on Twitter.

Rishi Kapoor Thrashes

Although Abhishek Bachchan accompanied Big B but that hardly makes for what Chintu ji is trying to say.

Before questions, he also pointed out and explained that Neetu Singh and Ranbir couldn’t make it because they were out of the country!

However, he didn’t miss out on the opportunity to call out the ‘chamchas’ who attended Priyanka Chopra‘s homecoming bash but not Vinod Khanna’s funeral.

Later, filmmaker Kunal Kohli who was at PC’s bash, replied to Rishi Kapoor’s tweet and reasoned.

Apart from the name-calling, Rishi Kapoor does make a point. Wonder what Priyanka has to say about this!

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