How to Restore a Broken Friendship

Friends are the essential part of our life and everyone has at least one person to whom he can trust. There are too many ways to patch up with friends and fix a broken friendship but we feel shame to say those three magical words ‘I’m Sorry’ in the very first place that keeps us away from our buddies and to cash those memorable moments that we can only enjoy with our friends. What’s gone is never going to come back then why not take a new start and add those sweet demons that make our day and give us courage in doing anything that we’re afraid of being failed or unsuccessful. Below are some tips to restore a broken friendship and have a blast again with your gang.

Tips # 1: Get some courage and say sorry

The very first thing that you can do to mend your broken friendship is that to say SORRY that is very easy and costs nothing but some courage. When we fight with someone, we put ourselves in a secure and righteous position where we keep reminding ourselves that ‘I was right, they were wrong’ or ‘they started the fight’ and forget that it’s not about being wrong or right. Just stop acting like that and give your relationship another try and believe me, it costs nothing to say SORRY or THANK YOU so use them as often as you could. Go to them, shake hands and make it clear that you don’t want to start any stupid fight again and say that you are sorry for what you said and how you reacted that day. No one’s that fool to act stubborn on such situations where the other guy is saying sorry so you’d see the magic of this magical word ‘Sorry’.

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Tip # 2: Recall the issue and find the reason behind your fight

It’s not like that we’re perfect and other people are wrong always. We’re humans and humans are full of mistakes so stop this notion of being good and take things critically to find that who was on mistake. Just sit down and remember the whole scenario when you were fighting and from where it took a start. Sometimes, we act strangely and take our friends for granted that may offend them and our behavior might be the cause of argument but if we are really good and want to stand for what’s right then we should accept our own mistakes first and admit them in public when we can fight in crowd as well. Accepting your mistakes is a big sacrifice from your ego’s perspective but it is right. Our ego is just an illusion we have about our personality and this thing keeps us alone when we give it some importance. Just remember one thing, they’re your friends and not an enemy so be relaxed and add them into your circle again.

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Tip # 3: Crack jokes if you feel hesitation in saying sorry

OK! Just be relaxed and don’t feel burden on your shoulders if you want to say sorry and you are afraid of saying it in a serious way then say it in a funny way with the help of a real good funny joke. Jokes are good and always help us in serious situations to turn our mood and make things easier for us. Not everyone acts in the same way and like others you would be having a different style to do something. If you don’t want to keep things serious anymore and feeling difficulty to say ‘I’m sorry’ in a serious style then you can make it a fun way to patch up with your friends.

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Tip # 4: Do something special to make them feel you’re sorry

Presents are also a great way to keep relations strong and lively so try that if you can’t come up any solid plan for LET’S-PATCH-UP-AGAIN thing. You’re her/his friend so you should better know what that person might like and then buy you friend something likeable and mood changing thing. This trick always works for healing the relationships.

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Tip # 5: Give it some time to get things back in order

If you know that you care about your friends and don’t count a fight or two that could break your friendship than don’t focus on it and act in a normal way. Possibilities are that things would come in order with the passage of time but if you’d make an extra effort to mend your friendship being Mr. or Miss Right then you are more likely to lose it permanently so don’t force them to admit their mistake and stay cool.

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Do share your comments for fixing up the broken friendship so that other readers can also get some useful tips to patch up with their angry friends.

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