Privacy Policy

We’re honestly concerned about our users’ confidentiality and would try our best to keep it secure while their stay on Papu Ki Baatain and that’s why we have set some guidelines to better let them understand how, when and where we use their personal information and whether it would affect their identity or not.

Cookies and Demographic Tracking System:

Every computer has a tracking system that works with the cookies present there at the computer being used. Like many other search engines, Google – one of the biggest search engines uses cookies present at your computer to serve you relevant ads while you browse through the website. This cycle works on each and every online page like Papu Ki Baatain and we, at Papu Ki Baatain can’t help you with this as we don’t track you personally but it is the search engine you brought you here.

It means that you can trust us while surfing this web portal and count on us for not tracking you for any notorious reason.

3rd Party Advertisement:

While your stay at Papu Ki Baatain, you may see different kind of advertisement that might look relevant to the content available on this site but it is to clarify that all the advertisement appearing on our website has no connection with Papu Ki Baatain in any way. It is search engine generated algorithm that serves the relevant ad on a specific site after noticing the behavior of user. If you find any advertisement misleading or inappropriate then you should know that contacting Papu Ki Baatain may not help in removing that material because it is managed by ad agency that serves the ads on that specific website.

Collecting Personal Information:

Every computer accesses the internet through an IP address that works as a timestamp to track when and what was accessed through that specific device. Papu Ki Baatain does use this data but you should know that your IP address is only tracked either to monitor any spamming activity or to see what part is being liked among variety of content at our website.

3rd Part/ Outgoing Links:

While your stay at Papu Ki Baatain, you may notice that there are some links that take you to another website that you may or may not want to visit. So you should keep this thing in mind that these links were placed their either for referencing or to identifying the important part of that content for your better understanding with that material. Whether visiting or not visiting, this all depends on your desire.

Modification in This Privacy Policy:

With the passage of time, we need to alter things in a way that they represent the current affairs. So we are not bound to keep this privacy policy in its current form and keep the right to change any clause if we feel it obsolete or not representing our concern towards our users and terms of any advertiser of Papu Ki Baatain.

If you have any query or question then you may drop us an e-mail to contact the relevant person at Papu Ki Baatain at [email protected]