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Motivational Stories Of My Life:

nayyer khalilHi I’m Nayyar Khalil born and raised in the city of life LAHORE, PAKISTAN. Belong to a Middle High Class Family with one sibling. I was brought by my parents in a religious and humanity values. Somewhere across the line of education I lost interest but I was an intelligent student as all of my teachers claimed that i am intelligent that is why he is too careless. As I progressed in my academic carrier from the beginning of school i excelled and progressed in life. Completed Matriculation and FSC-Pre ENG. Due to family business crisis we all seen a lot but I have seen my father struggled. Due to rich background friends and me not able to afford all the luxuries in life I became arrogant. Wanted more and more having no value for money or how my father struggles to meet the expenses and with a smile on his face. I overlooked everything because it was always about me and my status and my grouping due to which I became status conscious. At the end of the FSC.PRE ENG in 2005 I joined CAT and then I got transferred to ACCA in 2008-DEC. My social circle became bigger and bigger every day and as a young teenager I was happy in my life as all my expenses were being meet by my father and I used to go spend me like no care at all. Life is interesting it always kicks you when you expect it the most. Life consist of sorrows, hate, love, regrets etc. . . .

Back Story:

Later back in 2011 I asked my father to let me go to DUBAI as i wanted to get out of the country and wanted to Rome around having to do nothing but just to get out of the house and earn on my own .My father did warn me about hard times that I will face due to no Degree as I had only 7 papers clear by that time in ACCA. Having no Degree in my hand i left ignoring every ODD and due to PROUDNESS as i can do anything. I struggled for a whole good year realizing that my dad was right and he had nothing that he asked in return from me then my betterment.

MotherI returned home in 2012 as a failure, but failure is a first step to success and improvement. I used to stay in my house in my room all the time for good months. One day as i was sleeping my dad asked mom if I ever go out, she said no as he doesn’t have any money in his pocket and he will not ask out of pride. My dad used to slip a thousand or 2 in my wallet so I may go out again. I realized in life to earn money and in a Halal way it really difficult as thanks for my upbringing i could not even think about doing Haram and earn money.

I started off in a BPO industry and still working there as a QUALITY MANAGER now for 3 projects. I worked hard to earn money and to prove that I am not worthless and then i got promoted directly as a manager from an AGENT seat which doesn’t happen as you have to be a TEAM LEAD then a SUPERVISOR and then you can become a Quality Manager. I Started my ACCA career again in 2015 not because i have to , it’s because I want to make my Mom and DAD proud that I can do it and I will do it . I will end it shortly by saying: Value the words and the guidance of your parents as they are much more experienced in life and they do not want their children to make the same mistake in their lives as they did. They will always work in your interest no matter what.

Life Is Beautiful:

Motivational Stories nayyer khalilI’m Independent now i earn good and pay for every expense that comes in my way, but this is not my destination I will excel. 

Always remember there are 2 types of people in this world: 

1st one is that who you tell that do not jump of the roof you will get hurt, so he doesn’t jump. 

2nd one is that who you tell that do not jump of the roof you will get hurt , he jumps anyway and gets hurt and then learns that you can get hurt .

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