So What Are You Going to Do This Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates in different parts of the world. But the objective to celebrate this is same in every part of society which is to honor Mothers. Not only ours but the whole class of mothers and motherhood. It’s true that everyone’s busy in chase to achieve something but can’t we just sneak out of our THE BUSIEST SCHEDULE and spend few minutes of leisure, happiness or joy with our mother? Yes we can…
So let’s come to the real thing despite of going deep into emotions. Mother’s Day is not the only day to tell moms how much we love them but it can be considered an event or a reminder to recall all those things that she’d done for us. I know we can’t repay all those efforts, time and memories she’d been through to raise us up. But what we can is just try to express our feelings with little words of gratitude and a big hug (With a smile!).
So let’s discuss what can be done to make a mother happy on this special occasion.

Ideas for Mother’s Day:


Flowers always come in handy for giving presents and gifts to our love ones. So why don’t you try presenting a bunch of roses or lilies to your mother? I know it may sound a bit old fashioned to you but with true feelings, this idea never fails. You know your mom best than anybody else so buy her a bouquet of flower that she likes, put smile on your lips and say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’. Her reaction would be worth watching.

flowers for mother mary


Rings, necklaces or chains can also be presented as a gift to mothers. Don’t forget that she’s a woman and women love ornaments more than anything else. Do your research and select what type of gift you want for her like ring, bangles, necklace or earrings. Also select the metal in which you want that ornament to be made. I mean if you want gold, silver or platinum or whatever suits your mother.

mother daughter ornaments


Printed Mugs:

Okay! If you don’t want to stay conventional than we’ve more ideas for you. How about trying printed mugs or cups as a substitute of flowers or necklaces etc? You can get a mug printed in cheap rates near your house but it would be priceless to see that smile on her face when you give it to her.
Think of words you want on that mug like ‘I love you MOM’ ‘SuperMom’ or you can even try phrases which is also a nice idea. For instance,
‘I could never imagine living in this world without you when I was too little to handle myself. You brought me up all these years without complaining. Thank you Mom.

printed mugs and gifts
Custom Apparels:

If your mom is style conscious, than you can even gift her new dress. But you can tweak this idea of giving a new dress by making certain amendments in it. I mean, how about ordering custom-made apparel instead of readymade garments? You can ask the manufacturer/tailor to craft something that relates to this special day and adds up value to your gift.custom apparel design
You know what? Only flower, jewelry or things like that are not given as present. There’s something more that we can try. Think about giving a jar full of pickles or a full sized jam bottle packed in a gift wrapper. That’d also serve the purpose of giving something valuable (and delicious) on this special occasion to your mom.edible gifts for mom
Old Photo Albums:
If nothing sounds you amusing then leave that. Go upstairs, bring out all the old family albums and start picking photos. Collect as much photos as you could in which you and your mother are. Now, you can do two things with these photos.
The first one is to pick out the best photograph clicked and write a Thank You note behind it. And, the second thing you can do with all these THE BEST photographs is by making a collage of photos and present to your mom. Go with any of the idea that sounds great to you because the core objective is to show gratitude and pleasure.

old photo albums black paper

Ideas for Celebrating Mother’s Day:
Give Her A Day Off:
Hold on! If you’re getting this feeling that you are just being formal by giving gifts and saying THANKS then there’s more that can be done. Do you agree that you mother is like a ONE MAN ARMY in your house? She never refuses to do something you or any other person asked her to do? Of course you do agree with this statement! Then why don’t you take charge of her responsibility for even one day. Give her a day off and make her feel special by acting upon her commands.
NOTE: It doesn’t mean that we don’t obey our mother everyday but just to add some fun while celebrating Mother’s Day.

Do Something Different:
Okay now! If you’re a mother reading this post, than we’ve something for you as well. Have you ever thought what your children think (or would think in future) of what you do and how you’re spending your life? I know you’re connected with your children but just as much as people do in a normal parent child relationship.
So here’s the idea by which you can give your children something to connect even more after years or when you’re no more. You can maintain a diary or journal dedicated to your children. This would contain all your life events that they witnessed but forgot while growing up.
You can either describe your mental state while you’re passing through that event. Or you can even give them any advice you have if they encounter with same circumstances in life. In this way, you can save precious and priceless gifts for your children to give them later when they’re able to understand it.
If you feel like expressing love and gratitude to your mother then don’t wait for a specific day. But events like this are necessary to exist in society because we are skipping these valuable things from our lives gradually. So utilize this event and say whatever you have in your mind to your mother. Who knows that she might have been waiting for these words to hear right from us?

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