4 Ways for Living a Stress Free Life

We live in a world where anyone can feel stress or anything that kills joy and relaxation. We’ve messed up with our lives and now rarely smile or feel good about us but why? Why aren’t we living a happy life that we all dream about? The answer is simple that we either live in past or think too much about future all the time. It’s not the way to live a stress free life as it only increases the IF’s and Buts nothing else. But it takes one simple rule for living a stress free life and that is to live in the present. Let’s discuss some of the ways to live a stress free life and stay in the present rather than wandering in past or future.

Find Your Problem:

Before we start talking about being in present and staying focused, it is essential to know what distracts us to focus in present. You see that every person has some vision, wishes or a dream to achieve something. But these things we may not have in the present so that could be a problem. For instance, a person who dreams to get a better job may not be having a desired job now so he’s dreaming about it. In the same way a person who has lost something precious would remind that thing or person all the time. Similarly there are plenty of other things that we think about but these are the distractions for us. Distractions in a way that they divert our focus from those things we are doing now in the present. So you better find your problem and then work accordingly to fix it. I mean if you want to stay mindful and active then you have to give up thinking about all these things.

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Accept What Your Have in Present:

As said above, we live either in past or think about future achievements. And by doing so, we ignore the things we have now in the present. This makes us to feel unlucky or enhances our wishes to get something we don’t have. A simple rule to live a stress free life is to be thankful for what we have now in the present. Before you start noticing those things you don’t have, see what you have in your personality, social or personal life or in your career and be thankful for that. It doesn’t mean that you should not wish for better but you should not overlook for what you have in your life now. And if you are depressed to lose something then stop this notion because that has become your past. You have a life that requires you to stay in the present and focused rather than cursing yourself for not having something.

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Breathe and Release the Stress:

Breathing is a very beautiful gift that nature has bestowed us so use that whenever you feel low. Whenever you get depressed by thinking about future or past, you are more likely to feel burden on your chest by holding your anger, urge to cry or to scream. The best way to release all these emotions none destructively is by breathing as slow as you feel relaxed. Breathing also helps to explore the beautiful moments of present and enables you to feel content. Start breathing slowly and feel the air going inside and out of your mouth. You’d feel that your body is feeling low and lighter than before. It’s a very simple and easy technique to release all your frustration and stay cool.
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Fight Back the Negative Thoughts:

One thing that you should care about is your negative thoughts that may change into negative feelings and ultimately become a part of your behavior. I mean we should not overlook the dark side of the picture but we should also maintain a considerable distance from including them in our personality. We may feel depressed or hopeless on times but we should not remain in this circle all the time. For instance, you’ve been rejected in a job interview or from someone special. This is the situation where anyone would feel bad and urge to shout on oneself. But this behavior or urge should not last forever. There are plenty of other opportunities waiting for you so cheer up and move forward.

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