Thursday 22 February 2018
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How to Connect With People in 2015

You feel shy in saying ‘Hi’ first? Don’t be as the other person is not going to eat you up. You are reading
this post means you want to leave your shyness and thinking that how to connect with people right? Kudos for such a big step so what’s your strategy? No problem if you don’t have a plan yet as we’ve something that would help you in connecting with people. So without wasting more time, let’s cut to the point! And start discussing ways by which you can relate to the people you don’t know well.

Find Something Common To Talk About:

One way of connecting with strangers is by finding similarities you both have. Like if he’s wearing a red shirt like you or your ties match with each other. Look for more similarities and you’d have enough to talk about or at least, to smile at. You can also start with ‘we are two brothers too’ or ‘my mom is from your city’. The reason for doing that is just to get something to talk about and nothing else. Or try this, ‘my uncle’s name Eric too’. Or if you two haven’t exchanged few words with each other then don’t worry. Find something the other person is interested in or looking at. If you are at his place, you can notice the wall paint or book collection beside you and start the conversation with it. Just be honest and speak about that thing which is really true otherwise it would be embarrassing later.

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Don’t Forget ‘Action Speaks Louder Than Words’:

If you are not very talkative or waiting for the right moment to speak, don’t worry as you still have a chance. This proverb is very useful because the next person is not only going to befriend with you through words. You need something more than that and that is your behavior. Work on your facial expressions. If you can’t speak a single word then try to give a nice smile to that person. Or try passing the chair if it’s what he/she needs. Think of more things like that and you’ll definitely find a way to start the conversation.

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Ask Questions About Their Lives:

One thing that you should care about is that you are not the only person who is speaking in a group of two. Let the other person speak and if he’s not speaking then encourage him to do that. This would enable you to know whether he’s interested to talk with you or just bearing you for some reasons. Ask them what’s going into their life and listen with keen interest as they did when you were speaking. If they end up by uttering ‘my life’s….nice’ or ‘nothing much’ then you should understand that the person is getting bored you are talking to. And if that person tells about his life, sit back and you are on the right track. It means that you have a solid chance to make a new friend.


Realize Them That You Are Present:

Have you ever thought why people run away even if there’s much to talk about? It’s the behavior of other person which seems neglecting and gives the message ‘Go away’ indirectly. So the people sneak away without saying anything. If you don’t want to get into this situation then work on your body language in which eye contact and smiling lips are very important. Don’t look in random directions either if you are speaking or listening to the other person. Don’t do that because this would have a bad affect on your conversation. Look into their eyes with a big smile so that they can feel you are listening to them not bearing their words. These were few ideas that you can try to think of even more ideas to connect with people. Work out to find the appropriate answer for you to start a conversation with strangers. Got a word? Why not you use the comment section below and tell us how to connect with people through your suggestions and experiences.

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