How to Beat Procrastination

Overcoming procrastination is not as tough as some people think it is. What you need to fix this ‘how to beat procrastination’ challenge is just a clear mind and focus on what you are doing and that’s it. You don’t need to be someone with extraordinary powers to do difficult as well as routine things on time and within the specific deadlines whatsoever.

conquer procrastination

If you are afraid about this laziness of yours and not doing things on time then read on and see how easy this thing is that is holding you back for starting over and complete your work.

Tip # 1: Stop thinking ‘I can’t make it’

It's possible

What most people think when they are procrastinating for doing anything is that they can’t complete the work within the given timeframe and keep telling themselves that it’s too difficult to be done by them. It’s not like that, from what you are going through is just a thought that has forbidden your body to support you and help in doing that particular thing. Start thinking that you can do it instead of giving yourself lame excuses like you don’t have much time to do that, you are too late for this or something like this and start focusing on its completion.

Tip # 2: Plan to make things easy

Plan tasks

Now what you can do to make your task easier is that you sit down, take a deep breath in and then start planning on how you’d perform this task in a specific timeframe so that it doesn’t mess up with your other commitments and never let anybody call you a procrastinator or lazy lad again. See how much you have done it or in how many parts it can be divided and then make different parts of it to work in an easy way. By making a plan, you’d be more organized and at ease to perform it like you’d be aware of what you are doing and how much time you’ll be giving or have given to a specific part of this whole task.

Tip # 3: Prioritize things for your ease

Prioritize your work

After planning and making list (in your mind) the next step is that you divide things up in different parts that you can complete easily if you are afraid of the pile of work in front of you. Prioritize those things (of the same task) that are small or easy to do and then do those parts that are a bit time consuming. You can even put things on priority that are most important and then those which are of less importance to be done in first place.

Tip # 4: Stay focused on what you are doing

Focus on your work

The most irritating thing in all this mess is that we get distracted easily even after we’ve started working on what we want to accomplish but this attitude makes us a procrastinator again. Make enough arrangements for yourself so that you won’t get distracted by anything and stay focused on the thing you’ve started. Identify those distracting things and then just leave them behind so that your brain can work on that specific task only instead of thinking irrelevant things that have nothing to do with this.

Tip # 5: Celebrate for accomplishing the work

Let's celebrate

Now what most people do after they complete a tough task (according to them) is that they feel tired and miserable about themselves because they were presuming that task a tough one and consider themselves just lucky enough to complete it. Don’t think that way and celebrate your accomplishment so that you feel encouraged to stay organized and for managing your time well when you were short on time. Take this victory as an example for future tasks and repeat this same plan every time for not only short deadline work but for each and everything assigned to you and beat procrastination problem you have.

Do share your comments below to tell us about your time management skills to beat procrastination when you have something really important to be done and help fellow readers with your loyal suggestions.

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