Thursday 22 February 2018
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How to Avoid Procrastination

If you lament wasting your time for something unproductive and running out of time for some important work then you are not alone in the world as there are fellow lazy people who are just like you. But they do tackle with this laziness issue which is called procrastination. It’s natural and anyone can develop a habit of procrastinating when they are supposed to do their work quickly.

Avoid procrastination

So let’s find out some ways for overcoming procrastination and avoid it for good when the work is due and important to be done. Below are some ways by which you can avoid procrastinating and work like normal people (means within deadline)

Tip # 1: Divide the task into segments and get it done

Divide work efficiently

If you are afraid of a bulky assignment or task you have been given then why don’t you try dividing it into little segments and make it easy for you? In this way, you can easily overcome the dizziness you were feeling by thinking about the length of it.

Arrange work in small pieces

This works! Like you work according to that segment list and you’ll see that the huge assignment would be done in a pretty short time that you weren’t expecting.

Tip # 2: Change your workplace if it makes you doze off

Rennovate workplace

The second thing that you can do to avoid procrastination is to look if your workplace is appropriate to sit and work? Like if you feel dozing or a bit tired when you sit down to work then you just need to shift to somewhere else or to change the settings of that place.

Change workplace

The place where we work impacts on our energy level and the way we work. Just remove all those things that distract you from concentrating on your work and try to sit in a room that makes you focus on the tasks.

Tip # 3: Get the company that motivates you to take action

Take action

Mostly, the procrastinators either don’t go out much or they just have a friend who also procrastinates which is a bad symptom if you want to avoid procrastination. If you are dealing with this same kind of problem then say goodbye to all those fellows who encourage you to sit on the sofa and waste your time.

Act now and get things done

Instead, make those people your friends who are action takers and make you feel show some moves when your tasks are pending next day. Just try to change your company and you’ll feel the change within yourself in weeks.

Tip # 4: Stop wasting your time in waiting for the right time

Stop waiting for right moment

This is a common behavior of procrastinators in majority that they just look at the clock constantly and wait for the right time to start their work which rarely comes. They just hang around by looking at wall or noticing the design of their shows or maybe looking at the ceiling fan for no good reasons. Just stop this notion of waiting for the right time to start working and do it now if you want to overcome your procrastination issues.

Tip # 5: Take short breaks to get back in a good mood

Take a short break

If you feel tired by working constantly on that task list, then you can take a short break to change your mood and relief the stress off your shoulders. But make sure that this break takes maximum of 5 minutes and not more than that because if you do that, you’d lose your pace in work.

Short breaks between work

Do share your methods to avoid procrastination and help fellow readers to overcome this procrastination issue in the comment section below

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