Saturday 17 February 2018
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4 Things Keeping You Away From Being Successful

Have you ever wondered that why are you still living the life that you were living 5 years back or so? Or why don’t you feel satisfied with what you do? Or why don’t you feel that much pride by telling about your achievements that you should be?

No success in life

There are a lot of questions to realize the one simple thing that you are living an average life that you didn’t wished for. This is happening to you because the success factor is missing from your life.

being successful person

Now the question is what it takes for being successful in life? To solve a problem, we find the root to fix it so why don’t we look at your ways and see how do you spend your days?

You Wait for Inspiration:

waiting for the inspiration

Everyone needs inspiration or motivation to do something which is a good thing but what if we just wait for them to come and inspire us to do our work? Those people who are less successful or average just wait for the inspiration to start their work but they don’t start working until they are inspired or motivated to do that work which puts them in second group or the group of less successful people.

Stop waiting for inspiration

Like they’d give you different excuses for putting their work on tomorrow and having another excuse the next day you meet them but the work would still be there untouched or ‘In process’. (Whatever)

You Rarely Ask Questions:

where to ask questions

Another thing that is found quite often in average people is that they go with the flow and never bother themselves to think against the statement told to them. They don’t criticize things they see when they should like let say you are watching a movie and you never thought for the single time that ‘How could anybody jump off the building from the 20th floor and survive?’

asking questions

(No Offense!) Or you were reading a book and you agreed with the writer throughout your readings. If you do that then you are not thinking critically that is essential to think different or to stay one step ahead from others.

You Watch TV in Your Free Time:

Watching TV in free time

Well everyone watches the TV but my point here is that if you are watching the TV all day long and never bother to do something productive when you are free then it is a negative thing you are having in your behavior. TV programs are meant to entertain you not to educate and what new can we learn by watching a cube shaped box that makes us dull and less energetic?

media manipulate us

That thing is just to change our thoughts about different things by media (of course) and you are simply letting yourself manipulated by the advertisement that runs between programs having no such productive encouragements in them.

You Sleep Too Much:

don't sleep too much

Just notice that how much you sleep and when do you wake up because it is very important to check. If you go to your bed at 9 or 10 in the night but wake up at 11 or 12 in the morning then you are on the right to be called an average person (don’t mind, just saying).

sleeping too much

Those who start their day late in the morning are likely to finish things late as well when they leave their workplace.

Do share with us if you know about any habit that makes us an average person and help the readers in overcoming this situation to get success in the comment section below.

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