Saturday 17 February 2018
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There are diseases hidden in ice, and they are waking up

Throughout history, humans have existed side-by-side with bacteria and viruses. From the bubonic plague to smallpox, we have evolved to...


Blackout Curtains That Will Make You Feel Like You’re Living In A Penthouse Above A Large City

Blackout blinds, or curtains, are no longer just a token of edgy teenage bedrooms. They’re back in style, with a modern twist that will...

Boy And His Dog

10 Year Old Boy And His Dog Die Together After Being Hit By A Car

This is one of the most unfortunate stories that we have ever heard, as this little boy and his dog experienced one of the most horrific...


How This Viral Photo Of 14 Cambridge Students Is Challenging Stereotypes

Fourteen Black men at the University of Cambridge recently posed for photos together to send an important message about diversity. The...


Tóc Tiên – Walk Away | Official Music Video


Donkey Stands In Front Of Five Majestic Clydesdales, His Next Move Will Leave You In Stitches!

A donkey wishes to be a Clydesdale horse starring in a Budweiser commercial. However, he is a donkey and not a horse, so this may be...


Bombay Sapphire gin recalled across Canada for containing too much alcohol

The CFIA says some bottles of Bombay Sapphire dry gin may contain almost twice as much alcohol as claimed on the bottle. Liquor authorities...

World's Fastest Camera

New Record For World’s Fastest Camera Can Picture The Movement of Light Itself

Scientists at the Lund University in Sweden have created what they say is the fastest camera ever, able to capture an astonishing 5...

Video: US Pool Shooting: 1 Victim & Gunman Dead, 6 Critical In San Diego Tragedy

At least one woman is dead and six people are in critical condition after a man opened fire at a poolside party at an apartment complex in...

#1 Indian Family Comics

Indian Illustrator Hilariously Captures What It’s Like Growing Up In An Indian Family

Brown Paperbag is the name of a series of comics about what it’s like growing up in an Indian family. They were created by Sailesh...