About Us

Papu Ki Baatain is a web portal spreading good words with fun. The main reason for creating this web portal was that people of our society notice bad thing in life and take them too seriously that they ignore the good and light moments of life. We strive to make them smile and give them courage to pass through their fear of failure.

We found an easy way to do this by making short/medium/long videos that have fun and lesson simultaneously and focus on the good part of life that people miss when something happen in their life. Everyone can do well but all he needs is to see that side of life. We noticed that majority of people watch videos on Facebook, YouTube or at many online portals so we saw a good platform to reach millions of people without going anywhere and share the same good thing with each of them that could motivate them to see life’s good part rather than cursing on bad part of it.

We are always working hard to find different success stories, motivational things, positive thinking and self help stuff to show the society. We hope to get succeed in our mission and make this world a better place to live because there’s always something good in life but we may be ignoring that.