6 Tips to Become a Vlogger (Recommended for Beginners)

Ever since the trend of making videos have grown tremendously, many Vlogger have emerged to the scene and are doing pretty well with their video channels either on YouTube, Dailymotion or any other popular video sharing site. This concept is swift and easy to convey the message to the masses without writing long paragraphs of articles that may bore the reader and compel him/her to leave it in half way. Many people are inspired to start their new Vlogging channel but they either don’t have any idea or a good idea to start it.

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If you are the one who wants to start your Vlogging career or have already started but got discouraged due to copyright issue or for any other similar reasons, then we have something that could help you in this regard. We recently took interview of Abeer H. Khan who is a well known YouTube Vlogger from Pakistan. He’s a passionate Vlogger and runs a software house back in Pakistan by residing in USA. Abeer gave us a lot of useful information in that interview that proved vital in compiling this, hopefully, Easy-To-Get-Started list to become a Vlogger. So let’s just begin the fun

No Copyrighted Videos:

The first thing you may be thinking, after making your mind about Vlogging, is to upload songs, sitcoms or a movie that could easily attract a lot of audience at your channel and that’s pretty much true. But the thing you overlooked is that these things are someone else’s possession and if you use them without the owner’s written permission for commercial purposes, then you are simply going to be banned on every next video sharing site’s partner program. So no copyrighted content of any kind instead, you can create your own videos that may be on the same subject but not that one.

No Vulgar Content:

Some of you don’t bother to read the TOS of that particular video sharing website and rush toward your computer to find some intimate videos by thinking that you can easily gather an audience by this inappropriate content that people tend to watch. But be careful as every video sharing site doesn’t support any adult material or content that is graphically offensive.

Inform or Educate People:

Don’t be discouraged as there are a lot to do on your video channel. Like let say if you couldn’t think of any idea of making videos for your video channel, then you can simply create tutorials on anything you think could help people in doing something. Try household tutorials or why not about swimming lessons or teaching to ride a bike. There are so many things that you can get your hands on.

Don’t Purchase Fake Audience:

One more thing! As everybody else, you would be going to create a social page that would represent your video channel and that’s a great idea. But one thing that you should keep in mind is that do not ever go for purchasing likes or views as there are different sites that do so like Add-Me-Fast or similar to it. Be honest and get real people on your page instead of fake accounts that would go offline after 2 to 3 months and your page would be again at low reach. You can even try S4S that stands for Share-For-Share and is not harmful for your page in anyway.

Do Something That Educates/Entertains In Anyway:

Last but not the least! If you really want to get some fame or success (Whatever your objectives are) then you should always keep one thing in mind that do what people are looking for or something that could give them anything valuable. Try to educate those who are looking for that piece of information or try to make them laugh rather than copying pros presuming that you could get some real folks by following them. They have their motive for doing that so you should find yours.

Misconception about Money Making:

As Abeer told, don’t ever think of making money in the start because it’s the second step. First, make videos on different themes that inspire you and wait for your channel to cross 5 hundred thousand views and once you reach that much audience, then it is the time you plan for joining a partner program because at that stage, you’d have the confidence, and a convincing portfolio, that you could attract a good amount of audience. But before that, it’s just day dreaming!

Do comment below to share your ideas about Vlogging and how have you planned to start your vlogging career.

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