6 Basic Survival Skills For Everyone

Life is so unpredictable and anyone can be confronted with a situation where there’s no human being or even an animal around. We just pray to stay away from such devastation but if, God forbidden, you are to face this kind of horrifying situation then what is your survival strategy? Don’t fret if you don’t have any or haven’t thought about that. In this hard time, you can do many things that suites the condition and resources around you so below are the basic survival skills you should keep in mind if such bad incident approaches to you

Basic Survival Skills

Skill # 1: Have faith and show some courage

The first thing that matters the most in such circumstances is if you remain conscious and don’t act franticly (though doing that is natural). Just remember one thing that if you lose your mind and start behaving panicked, then you’re decrease your chances of survival that is a negative thing. First analyze the situation and make some plan to keep yourself alive instead of getting out of this mess. Measure the depth of danger elements around you and act accordingly. Try to find out where you are and what things would be helpful while you stay there.

Skill # 2: Arrange for food to stay alive

The second thing you should do is that to look for edible things available there because after some time of screaming hard and running around, you are surely to be feeling hungry. And maintain your energy level as if you lose it then it may slow down all your efforts. Look clearly and try to pick those things that you are familiar with and those which are not having anything unusual about them. Don’t try to use herbs in your food assuming that it would give you strength as it may contain some poisonous element in it.

Skill # 3: Find clean water

Although, finding water is not a hard thing in forest but be very careful while you dip your hand into a well or river to stay away from any harmful creature. If possible, try to store as much quantity of water as you could in a safe place so that you need not to go out every time you feel thirsty or for any other purpose as well. Use big leafs to contain it as it may not be a best solution but finding leafs with enough big size is not a big deal in such places.

Skill # 4: Make arrangements for fire

The next important skill you need to survive in such condition is to learn how to blow fire with two stones or by any means. No matter what region it is where you’re trapped but in the night, mostly the earth is cold and that is another threat for your life so make arrangements for this problem as well. Collect some tiny sticks and leafs so that the fire process could be easier and less time taking for you. This would keep your body warm and if anything unusual comes to you, you can simply use fire as your weapon.

Skill # 5: Find a shelter as fast as possible

Finding a safe place is very important in such situation because you can’t predict what’s out there in open so it is wise to be safe before something dangerous appears. Try to find an old oak tree because they’re warm and mostly have enough space that a man can easily sleep inside them. If you don’t want the oak tree because of any superstitious belief, then you may also try building cottage with help of woods and leafs available but keep one thing in mind that this kind of arrangement is not reliable in stormy day or fast wind.

Skill # 6: Learn to give first aid treatment

Now this is very essential that you learn how to give first aid treatment to anyone or maybe to your own self as there are more chances being injured or bone cracking events that may happen to you or to anybody you find accidentally (hopefully a human being). Get yourself admit into a camp training program to learn how to interact with wildlife and be safe.

Comment below your strategies and experiences with your fellow readers so that they could learn and enhance their knowledge of survival skills for this unpredictable time.

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