Thursday 22 February 2018
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5 Ways Overcoming Shyness in Public

Overcoming shyness is not as hard as many people take this thing in their fearful mind and the way they react on times. Being shy doesn’t make you any different from others who are living a normal life but what you do miss is the full energy and fun part they enjoy when they do different things as you do (but with half energy or interest).

Shy kids

It also deprives you from enjoying many things and doing them like others do and you just see them doing it and say these familiar sentences ‘Gosh! Why can’t I do that like they do?’ (NOTE: This may vary as per situation)

Leave Shyness

Fear not fellows, anyone can overcome from this shyness problem with just little (big) effort and showing some courage to alter the way they deal with people in public.

Tip # 1: Force yourself to talk at least one person daily

The problem is that people who are shy don’t make any effort to talk with someone much (or as needed) then even if it’s their family or maybe any stranger. This is a big problem because when you are keeping your tongue free most of the time and telling your brain ‘Don’t do that’ then how can you expect from yourself to show some guts and win a friend in first meeting?

Express yourself

You must be acting like you are in hurry when you talk to someone and this is the thing that you should change. Talk to someone (possibly to whom you don’t know) and try to teach your brain this thing that ‘No one’s going to eat me up if I dared to have few words with them’ and see what magic it would do

Go social

(Caution: Don’t ask for number in the first place if she’s your crush)

Tip # 2: Spend more time out with someone

Another behavioral problem that shy people have is that they usually lock themselves up in a room and rarely go out to meet people (recall when you last went out and met someone) this makes them unaware of how to introduce themselves to anyone in a good way and they act like they are astonished or got scared of people they met and that is a negative thing the other guy counts in their personality.

Spend time with friends

Make a commitment with yourself that you must step out of that creepy boundary where you mostly spend your time and meet someone either in a café, gaming zone or why not go to watch a movie sometime?

Spending quality time

In this way, you’d have more opportunities to meet more people and interact with them and you’d never realize that when your shyness issue has run away from your personality.

Tip # 3: Stop comparing yourself with others

People with too-much-shy problems do one thing that is very common regardless of their gender, age or the place they live in and that is to compare themselves with the people around them.

No comparison

This thing is really weird when we look at people and say ‘Why not me instead of him?’ or ‘Why can’t I get this” or ‘My life is so boring’ etc. Believe me, you’re perfect the way you’ve been created by nature but the fact is that you’ve stopped looking yourself with benefits and constantly looking at other’s brighter side that makes you feel unlucky and you start to hesitate when interacting with different people.

No discrimination

Stop doing this thing and take your life as it is because ‘IT’S PERFECT’ all you need to do is just start believing in it.

Tip # 4: Rehearse before you speak in public

If you think that the reason behind your shyness is the repetition of the same sentence that many people don’t get when you say something and it feels embarrassing to do that every time someone says ‘Come again!’ then practice it alone first.

Speaking practice

Stand in front of a mirror and say what you normally speak when you are in a conversation so that you can spot the flaws that makes it happen and can improve this repetition problem and even your shyness.

Public Speaking

Tip # 5: Develop a habit of saying ‘Hi’ first

You’d definitely agree with me at this point that you rarely say ‘Hi’ or ‘How are you doing’ first and the person next to you do it for you so that you both can spend time together.

Hello there


If you are behaving like this then simply change it because it is not good for you and your motive of overcoming shyness. Introduce yourself first before anyone else does it and take advantage to be in good books of others. Say ‘Hi’ to a friend of your friend or the person you’d meet at the grocery store next time.

Hello everybody

Do share your comments below to tell us about your shyness problems and incidents and how you tackled with them so that other people can also get some good lessons to do the same as you did.

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