Saturday 17 February 2018
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5 Tips to Work and Be Motivated To Earn Money Online

Working online is becoming a famous trend as the internet availability is becoming cheaper and approachable by a common man. You don’t get a job, no problem just find some good work online that you could do efficiently and earn money online at least to pay your bills and that’s it. Unemployment is not more like a serious issue as the online opportunities are arising on the scene and people are getting more informed about how they can best use their computers to make some cash either working from home or elsewhere.

5 Tips To Work And Be Motivated To Earn Money

We met Aamir Iqbal last month in an event arranged by Nest Institute Lahore in which he shared things about himself and told us some very useful tips, which we’re sharing here, that how anyone can start working online and what habits one should adopt to work online and make a decent amount through internet. He also shared a piece of advice to keep oneself motivated in online work for all the wannabe and pros.

Aamir Iqbal Interview with by PapuKiBaatain

Aamir is basically an SEO expert and started his career as a content writer back in 2007 from where his online career got a rather slow but perfect start and now, he’s residing in London to complete his studies by working online as an internet marketer. So let’s see what he has told us that could benefit you or anybody who’s looking for some good advice:

Love Your Work To Stay Motivated:

It is true that after a little while, we feel like not doing work and become a procrastinator but that’s a bad sign for our work and the balance sheet at the end of the year. One way to stay motivated during working hours is to love what you do (An old proverb, but still useful) because if you can’t love you do, you’d soon feel bored or irritated by the environment around you. And the second method is that there is not second method. You should just do what you love and love what you do and this is the simplest rule to stay motivated in your work.

Take Online Scams As A Lesson:

Online scams are a bitter reality of cyber world that many people, sooner or later, experience but few of them face it bravely and the rest move away with this bad experience. According to Aamir, we should take them as a lesson and take care of things we dot betrayed in the past instead of leaving that thing altogether just because we made a wrong decision in the past. That’s just an experience in your online career so just remind it as a lesson and keep on to earn money online.

Watch Dreams to Achieve Something:

Aamir shared another simple rule to achieve big through online work and that is to dream of something, not only while you sleep but with open eyes, and crave for something because that’s the only way you can get somewhere. If you’d not desire, you may not struggle for anything so set your goals and become a daydreamer (if you could). That’s another way to stay in this working online scene.

Make A Brand and Work On It:

There are a lot of people who take their start with petty online jobs like data entry, ad clicking and then upgrade to a real one like article writing or logo designing. Then a time comes when they know much more than they do before. This is the time when they should struggle hard to make a brand of their own that could represent them in online world. This is the ultimate step for every online earner.

Take Action After Getting The Idea:

The biggest failure of majority of online workers is that they know much but don’t bother to give at least half of them a single try. This result in a foolish experience when time passes away and they keep saying their friends and family ‘Yeah! I knew that’ but just because they don’t try these ideas, they earn less or even nothing in their online career. So if you want to really work online wisely, then get knowledge and then implement it to test and to earn as well.

Do share your tips and suggestions to work online and stay motivated to earn money online through the comment section below. Happy working online!

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