5 Tips for Freelancers to Work Securely and With Devotion | Idrees Farooq Interview

There is a strange trend our society is having and that is the specific group of those people who don’t earn a living by working 9 to 5 on a desk in their office and tend to work straight from their living room enjoying the afternoon tea with their family and cracking a joke or meeting a guest. This change can be noticed in every third person that works different, that works online. These freelancers do earn money online but majority of them lake motivation and devotion towards their work after going few step ahead and leave this profession to find an alternative of it.

5 Tips For Freelancers To Work Securely And With Devotion

Luckily, we met Idrees Farooq in an event who is an online marketer and mentor for many online works and for those who tend to work from home. He shared his knowledge he gained in past few years working online in different roles. He told us how he started his online career and left his 9 to 5 job to follow his dream and now working as a successful online marketer straight from his living room.

Idrees farooq Interview with PapuKiBaatain.com by PapuKiBaatain

Idrees was a banker before jumping into this Internet-You’re-My-Last-Bet scene and started as an article writer to learn different ropes of cyber world. He’s a knowledgeable person and gave many useful tips for all those people who work from home so that wannabes and even pro online workers could ease their professional life. So here we go

Hangout with Family or Friends:

Getting tired or hating your work station is a usual behavior for freelancers as the regular office worker does so don’t be so hard on yourself and be relax. If your work demands sitting at one place for hours like in writing field, then you may take short breaks and even sneak out from your work for a day to hang out either with your friends or family members to get some fresh air and changed environment.

Find Your Talent To Make Business Mindset:

Either in offline or online, when it comes to your career then you need to make up your mind to reach for a specific goal and get a significant designation in future because you don’t want to work at the same position for the rest of your life. Just see what are your interests and if you have relevant knowledge for what you want to do and then plan your business’s future accordingly to be strong and confident about your online career.

Don’t Run For Fame:

A very interesting thing that can be observed in online workers is that the huge amount of them just disappears from the scene after a specific time and working for some point. This mostly happens because they don’t work or don’t get work (Whatever!). According to Idrees, the dead end in an online worker’s life is the habit of wishing for fame that leads to ignorance and hold back from working dedicatedly. So don’t do that if you don’t want to put a full stop to your career.

Find Something To Be Motivated/Devoted To Your Work:

It is very important to become successful in online world that you find a motivation to work on that specific project. If you lose your motivation or just simply don’t have any, then you’re more likely to be distracted by an unproductive activity. Like for Idrees, it is the money and potential of earning that keeps him motivated and dedicated towards his goals and work. So find yours and keep doing the good work.

Ask For Upfront From New Clients:

If you’re afraid to be scammed and that’s what holding you back from bidding on new projects then you can do one thing to put yourself in a safer position. Just simply ask the person to whom you’re going to work with for a partial amount before you start working on it. In that way, you’d easily judge whether he/she is a genuine client or wasting your time and effort by disappearing when you complete the order.

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