5 Things Not To Do In SEO

Optimizing your blog, a video or a static website for your company all of these things need good SEO practice for long term and the person who is doing so should not fed up with this tiresome work till it finishes. But many starters, and even pros, SEO practitioners commit some serious mistakes that cost them in shape of their efforts going all wrong either just for saving time or to cut the cost whatever. So below are some of those things that you should never do when doing SEO work for any of your project.

5 Things Not To Do In SEO

We went to take interview of Faizan Khan who is an SEO expert from Pakistan and has been doing this challenging work from years. He has a vast expertise in SEO field and has ranked many websites and pages on different search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. He shared his knowledge of SEO with us that helped us to compile this list below:

SEO Expert Faizan Khan Interview by PapuKiBaatain

Concentrating on Global Traffic Only:

Many of us use Google Analytics to watch over the traffic we are getting from all over the world. But majority of SEOs don’t pay attention to local traffic and get their selves satisfied from the big amount of traffic inflow. However that is fine for the initial days of your blog/website but in coming days, every blog or website needs the support of local traffic to make its impression on the community so you should also plan to attract local visitors towards your blog rather than focusing on the majority around the world.

Using Same Keyword in Title and Meta Tags:

This particular mistake can be observed in big companies that treat SEOs as a not-very-important part of the company and hire a random guy to setup their website. And the person who’s doing SEO for them, just add the same keyword in Title and Meta Tags that is most probably the company’s name and doesn’t bother do give different keywords to each page available on that website. This result in company’s being isolated on the internet apart from being successful offline.

Using Software for Building Links:

With the help of Faizan, we came to know that many SEOs turn to black hat SEO tactics just to save time and use software to build links for their project or personal website. He said that this thing costs them penalties from Google’s Panda update that hits millions of blog after a specific period of 6 months more or less and all their efforts instantly collapse to zero level.

Using Article Rewriting Services:

Another careless attitude that is observed in SEOs is that they either hire a low qualified article writer or use different online websites that rewrite the whole article by replacing important keywords just to cut the cost and save some bucks. A human can judge the sense of a sentence and make better decisions what verb to use at what position but software can’t and instead, it just replaces some important verbs that make the whole sentence meaningless and gives no meaning to the reader but passes from Copy-Scape test only. This damages the reputation of a website and the readers instantly leave it for good.

Not Linking Pages with Each Other:

This is a slight one but matters in maximizing engagement with content. If you are not linking different pages with each other on your website, then you are missing a big opportunity to grab the visitors on your website for maximum time they could spend on your website. If a visitor comes to read one of your articles, he’d spend maximum 1-2 minute but if you have given him a hint to read a similar content after he finishes the previous one, you can simply enhance the engagement time that is good from CPM perspective.

Do comment below to share your SEO strategies and mistakes you made in the past with ways you used to correct those mistakes and help fellow SEO practitioners.

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