5 Best Self Defense Techniques Everyone Should Know

Violence is not a solution but it is one the realities of our lives. But what can we do if we are confronted with a violent situation like being harassed by a bully or a snatcher? No one wants to meet these kinds of people and start a fight but it happens or may happen with anyone so instead of hiding our face in the corner, we can plan and make ourselves ready to tackle this situation.

Self Defense Techniques

But before we go further and start discussing some basic self defense techniques, everyone should know that it is better to stay away from fight or from any unpleasant circumstances. It is better to give what that snatcher want then get a cut in your hand or get stabbed by him. So try to avoid such violent conditions till the last moment. But if it doesn’t seem going away then here are 5 basic and easy-to-implement self defense techniques that anyone can follow and remain unharmed.

Technique # 1: Shout aloud

Now there’s some attitude problem that most of us have like we get nervous and shiver when someone, with loud voice, shouts on us and asks to give him all of our money or valuables. This attitude encourages the attacker that they don’t hesitate in wounding us through their stolen knife or gun. Just don’t do that and shout out loud to warn them to stay away. In this way, you could be warning him and calling for help from your surroundings passively even if nobody’s there in the street (or wherever you’re)

Technique # 2: Target his sensitive body parts

If the technique above doesn’t work then you should know that it’s over and this isn’t the time the pray or behaving sober. Just attack him and try to injure any of his body part (But don’t kill that person) so that you could sneak out of the mess and save your life. Don’t try arms backs or baby punches at this moment instead, target some of his weakest parts so that you could knock him down in first try like you can attack at his eyes, nose or neck with your fingers or a solid punch in his neck.

If that doesn’t work for you, then try the bottom section and hit at his knees with your foot or attack between his legs which very sensitive part (But be careful). Remember these sensitive parts always come in handy even if the man in front of you is stronger than you.

Technique # 3: Use your body to defend yourself

Don’t scare if you are weak in strength as nature has given you such structure that you can use your weak body against that giant (if he’s) that you can knock him out in seconds but all you need to do is to do it at right moment. Use your elbow and hit his face with all your strength. This always work and you don’t have to be a wrestler to do this because elbow (when curved) hits very badly especially in face. Or use your shoulder to throw him away and run away as you get the chance.

 Technique # 4: Use your bag, purse or briefcase for fight

If you’re coming from work (or school) and holding something (hopefully heavy) then use it instead of dropping it on the ground and run away from the spot. Use that thing what you’re holding in your hand or carrying on your shoulder and take advantage of it in the tussle. Let say you’re carrying a ladies bag (if you’re a female) and someone appears in front of you and that’s the moment when either get hurt or hurt the other person so just use the bag as if you hit a ball with your bat and run away .

Technique # 5: Bump into him before he grab you tightly

Another easy self defense move is that you use your weight (doesn’t matter more or less) and use it to defend yourself from the other guy. Use some physics’ rules and apply them to save your life by bumping into the snatcher/goon so that you could sneak out of the mess safely. Just don’t think that you are light in weight and take 2 to 3 rapid steps to make your weight double when you hit that person.

Always try to use a crowded path while you go somewhere even if it is midnight and avoid empty streets where chances are more to get caught by some vagabond snatcher.

Do share your techniques to handle this techniques and any experience you had so that fellow readers could learn some lesson from it by using the comment section below.

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