4 Tips to Avoid Being Hacked

As the trend of internet is growing by day and nights, so does the threat of being hacked is. There are too many victims of online hacking out there who were confronted by an online hacker intruding into their social account or stealing their rightful money out of their E-Bank account.

You Have Been Hacked

To get some useful tips for this very problem we conducted an interview with an ethical hacker, Mr. Nouman Ramzan, who enlightened us on this most widely discussed problem of hacking and how could we be safe in this digital world.Nouman Ramzan is in his final year at Baharia University and about to complete his bachelors’ degree in Computer Science this year. And he has earned an iconic place in such a short time in hacking world by finding loopholes in websites and corporations like Adobe, Apple, Google, Microsoft and Opera. He himself has been a victim of an anonymous hacker for several times in the past and knows well the pain of being hacked (Luckily, he recovered before it’s too late).

4 Tips to Avoid Being Hacked | Noman Ramzan… by PapuKiBaatain

So let’s take a look at what he had to prevent us from being hacked in his Let’s-Be-Safe-Amigos box for all of us.

Change Your Password Every Month:

It is a common observation that no one bothers to change the password until it is leaked or we have a hacking attack on that particular website. This is a very common thing for hackers to start with and they can easily obtain our password by different methods they have. According to Nouman, we should change our password after 20 to 30 days to prevent this hacking activity on our accounts and keep our personal information away from being compromised.

Use Different Password For Each Account:

Another noticeable thing that can become the cause of being hacked is that we use the same password on every next account we make/use which is another advantageous thing for a typical hacker once he gets the password. He can attack back to back to get into any of our online accounts whether it is a Facebook account or a Twitter handle doesn’t matter for him/her. He suggests here to use a different password for each of our accounts to keep us from being hacked just because we used the same password to remember it.

Don’t Do Anything If It Looks Suspicious:

Today, we have a lot of apps and third party websites on the internet that we don’t bother to do some homework and run a research to test the authenticity of that website and just rush to click the link without knowing that there may be a phishing planned behind it. In the same way, we have apps on Facebook, iTunes and Google Play that might be suspicious and can become a reason for us to get hacked by someone. Noman suggests not to click a link or to install an application that looks suspicious and unauthentic.

Enable 2-Step Verification:

Everyone’s on Facebook, I’m sure you are too, and Facebook is the most notorious social network where people easily get hacked for no good reasons. But, luckily the management has taken some steps to maintain its goodwill and please the users by offering 2-Step verification process by which everyone has to enter the code sent by them on his/her mobile phone. So do enable this option and prevent yourself from being hacked.

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