4 Things to Know for Publishing Your Book on Amazon Kindle

Toni Morrison once said “If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” There are too many people with an ambition to publish their first book but they either don’t know what to put on paper or if they write one, their hard work does not see the light of the day and becomes ashes after laying in their library for years.

4 Things To Know For Publishing A Book On Kindle


Publishing Book is Easy on KDP:

As you know that Amazon has taken over the world since its formation in 1994 this corporation has been evolving almost all the industries. And for many years, Amazon has given the tough time to hardcopy publishing agencies by starting the Kindle concept. It was a great idea that people admire now to replace bulky and dreary looking books with an electronic device that could be carried anywhere.

But this service has another thing to offer for all those aspiring writers who are waiting for a chance to become the next J. K. Rowling or Suzanne Collins who just became an iconic personality from a bookworm drowned in their pile of books. So what you need to know to publish your first book on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP (In short)? We met Naeem Sikander who is a successful publisher on KDP from Pakistan and told us in the interview that Amazon is as easy as baking a cake or making popcorns in your spare time as he does back in November 2009. Here are some useful tips Naeem gave us for all those who are dreaming to be a successful publisher on KDP:


An Account on Amazon:

The first thing you need to do for publishing on KDP is that you need to have an account on Amazon and if you already have one then ‘Hurrah!’ you have done half of the work so create one now if you haven’t so far. Next thing is to complete your profile with basic information about yourself like you do on any social network (Amazon’s not a social network!)

A Book Ready to Be Published:

You, obviously, should have a prewritten book that you want to publish all by yourself without convincing any publisher about the goodness of your book. Just go to the KDP section and login with your Amazon ID and Password. If the book’s ready to be published, then all you need to go through 4 steps that are to

  1. Enter the title of your book
  2. Upload the book and preview book content
  3. Confirm publishing rights (read the first)
  4. And the last but not the least ‘Enter price of your book and royalty’ you want for that specific book.

Formats Accepted by Amazon KDP:

Amazon has made it a lot easier to publish the book and accepts 7 formats (More or Less) that are commonly used thus you don’t need to install a separate program on your computer to write your book all the way from the start. Publish your book in Word, HTML, MOBI, e-Pub, Rich Text Format, Plain Text or Adobe PDF these all are accepted by Amazon and most of them must be installed on your computer.

Genres Accepted by Amazon:

As Naeem says, there are numerous genres that KDP accepts like Fiction, Non-Fiction, Thriller, Romance and Mystery etc so that you can easily write off what you like according to Naeem. Naeem says that you just need dedication and the love for your work to be successful and that’s it.

Do share your ideas to publish a book on KDP and share your knowledge about Self Publishing and experiences you had either with KDP or with any other publishing agency through the comment section below.

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