4 Signs of Low Self Esteem

Having no confidence for doing something or low self-esteem is an irritating thing that no one would like to see in one self. But what about that if you don’t know the signs of low self-esteem? Would you be able to tell that you can stand in people (you don’t know) and interact with them like your friends do or anybody in your workspace is as open to others as it makes you feel jealous? Before finding a cure for something, we need to find out the exact problem so that we go in right direction and get fruitful results. So read below some signs of low self-esteem and compare yourself with each of them to make sure you are not a victim of low self esteem or LSE (Whatever). Or, find an exact solution if you are having this LSE problem in your personality.

Signs # 1: Behaving too gently that it offends you

It isn’t like you can’t speak in front of people at all and don’t like to face the world (like some people do) but what indicates the low self esteem (LSE) in people is that they behave too good that it is either not needed or it feels  awkward. Recall how you spent your previous weekend and how you interacted with people like is there any situation happened to you where you said ‘Sorry!’ when you weren’t supposed to say so? Or maybe someone was looking at you and you passed a smile but you felt confused a little bit? If your answer is yes then it is an indication of low self esteem for which you should take an action.

behaving too gently

Signs # 2: Avoiding Places Filled with People

Those who don’t attend parties or avoid going to places where they may interact with other people are also under the attack of LSE. Just ask yourself like if there is a party and you turned down the invitation with an excuse that you are busy in work (when you weren’t) or you don’t go out on weekends and just sleep or do something unproductive all day, that means that you are either nourishing this LSE element in your personality or you’ve been infected with it already. If meeting people scares you off (even if you don’t discuss it with anyone) then it is time you think to solve this problem and consult a psychiatrist or join a self grooming program near your house to eliminate this thing.

avoiding public places

Signs # 3: Aggressive Behavior for No Good Reasons

You maybe seen people who act different on normal things when they weren’t expected to do that or, you may’ve got a complaint about your own behavior from people around you and your colleagues. If there’s valid reason to go hard on that thing then its fine but if it feels awkward (even to your own self) then it is another symptom of low self esteem. Just recall an incident that you were being defensive for something that wasn’t important to win or you went hyper for no good reason on a little mistake of anybody around you. These are just little examples to show you how people with LSE react on little things.

aggressive behavior disorder

Signs # 4: When You Can’t Communicate Confidently

Check if you do this too often that when you were at a meeting, an interview or at a restaurant and you wanted to make an inquiry about something and you didn’t or you spoke with shivering lips or too poor communication skills. It is the most prominent symptom of low self esteem that anyone can notice in people with LSE. If we can’t express what we want to say in a normal way then it feels very awkward even to our own selves that we start to curse our personality and stop believing ourselves.

not confidently

Low self-esteem is just like other common diseases that may not be as dangerous as cancer or aids are but it affects one’s life so badly in social and professional terms that he may lose those opportunities that means much for him.

Consult a good psychiatrist if you find any of the above-mentioned signs of low self esteem in your behavior before it affects your personal as well as professional life.

Do comment below to share your experience and suggestions so that fellow readers could get some good lessons from it.

Papu is a fictional character who speaks on motivation, self help, positive thinking and relationships.

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